KC ProSupply

As the trading division of Kosan Crisplant, KC ProSupply specialises in the selling of equipment and components for LPG, ammonia (NH3), cryogenic gases such as LNG, nitrogen (N2), carbon dioxide (CO2), and other industrial gases. KC ProSupply draws upon Kosan Crisplant's worldwide network of technicians and engineers in order to offer the best possible technical assistance and counseling to its customers.

KC ProSupply's service extends well beyond the simple sale and shipping of products: With their wide-ranging knowledge and expertise in all areas concerning gas, they can guide you through your entire project and help you find the perfect solution to meet your requirements. With KC ProSupply, you only ever need to look in one place. That is why we call it the one-stop shop for gas equipment and components.

Company profile brochure

A presentation of KC ProSupply – The one-stop shop for gas equipment and components.

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Company profile video

A short animation that explains the advantages of involving KC ProSupply in your project.

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