KC LNG is a division of Kosan Crisplant that specialises in innovative, flexible small-scale solutions for liquefied natural gas (LNG).

LNG is an amazing fuel. In fact, it is the single most environmentally friendly fossil fuel available. It burns more cleanly than oil and coal, and the amount of greenhouse gasses it emits into the atmosphere is much lower. This means that replacing these fuels with LNG will have a significant positive impact on planetary as well as human health.

KC LNG focuses on solutions in the following four areas:


One of the primary hurdles to widespread use of LNG is size and cost of traditional LNG plants, terminals and vessels. KC LNG has developed local, small-scale liquefaction plants that can bring LNG closer to the customers. Based on a modular design, KC LNG's liquefaction plants are easily adaptable to suit growing future needs. 

Vessel bunkering

Due to the increasingly strict environmental regulations regarding ships, the amount of LNG-fuelled ships is expected to grow greatly in the near future. To meet this development, KC LNG has developed marine bunkering solutions that have zero emissions, are fully automatic and require no permanent staff on shore.

Industry applications

LNG has many uses in the industrial sector, and KC LNG offers solutions to help businesses make use of this great fuel. This typically involves semi-pressurized storage tanks, a system to handle boil-off gass, and a vaporizer. All solutions are scalable and tailored to the customer's requirements.

Road transportation

Driving on LNG reduces noise and air pollution significantly. KC LNG designs and delivers LNG filling stations with customized capacity requirements.

Image of Samsoe LNG bunkering solution

General brochure

What is LNG, what are its advantages and applications, and how can KC LNG's solutions add value to your business? These questions will be answered when you read this brochure, in which you will also find illustrations of the typical LNG process.

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Video on bunkering for LNG vessels

With a fully automatic bunkering facility from KC LNG, liquefied natural gas becomes a problem-free and completely environmentally friendly energy source. Watch how the Samsoe ferry gets fully bunkered in less than 15 minutes!

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