Plastic waste conversion (Plastcon)

Since the 1950s, we have seen more and more plastic in more and more places. As a result, the world population today produces 260 million tonnes of plastic waste on a global scale every year. It is only possible to recycle a small portion of it, and the remaining thousands of tonnes are left to us and our planet to handle. A responsible way to do so is known by the name Plastcon.


Plastcon is MAKEEN Energy's plastic waste conversion technology, created by our experienced engineers as a response to the global and growing problem of plastic waste. With the Plastcon system, it is possible to convert harmful plastic waste into resources that can be used for the production of new plastic materials or as a more sustainable fuel alternative for ships and trucks. In other words, Plastcon turns a global problem into useful resources.

















































The Plastcon system

Plastcon converts harmful plastic waste into useful resources. It turns all types of plastic into material that can be used for the production of new plastic items or as a sustainable fuel alternative.