Preparing the next generation of responsible solution-makers

A group photo of our new interns and trainees

In August and September, a total of 7 new trainees and interns joined MAKEEN Energy’s headquarters. They will spend their time here putting their theoretical knowledge into practice and helping us to create new responsible energy solutions.

Some people associate the number 7 with good luck, and in our case, it is more than just superstition. At MAKEEN Energy’s headquarters in Randers, Denmark, we have added no less than 7 new interns and trainees to our crew. Not something that happens every day in our organisation!

An opportunity for mutual growth

Although they come from different backgrounds and work in different fields, all of them are here to hone their skills and learn to deliver the best end product – whether that is by designing smarter machines, providing IT support to their colleagues, writing captivating texts or something else entirely. By testing their skills in a hands-on environment, they hope to gain valuable experience that will prepare them for their professional future.

“My internship at MAKEEN Energy means that I’ll get the perfect steppingstone for my further career. MAKEEN Energy offers a wide range of learning and options and fulfils my expectations of finding a company that is professionally inspiring. What I will learn here, I will be proud to carry with me into my future, that's for sure.”
Amanda - Apprentice in Project Management

It’s not only them who will be learning from us. We also expect to gain a lot of new perspectives and insights from these fresh faces and their fresh knowledge, which is something that is crucial to keeping up with the ever-changing world of energy.

”I hope to be able to make a noticeable contribution to the company’s goals while learning about Big Data and corporate culture in the software field – furthering my career by absorbing as much decision-making experience from my supervisors as possible.”
Martin - Engineer Trainee in Research & Development

We welcome all our new colleagues, and we look forward to growing together in the coming months!