Stable, self-sufficient power from gas turbine

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MAKEEN Power Generation - the fast track to cleaner energy

Some areas of the Middle East still experience an unstable power supply and that can lead to expensive downtime for LPG cylinder fillers. Therefore, MAKEEN Power launched a containerised gas turbine solution at the ADIPEC 2017 in Abu Dhabi, which can be connected to the LPG tanks already available to the filling plants. This way, LPG plants can produce their own power from LPG. By adding the turbine to the system, the LPG plant will not only have a stable power supply, it will also get the opportunity to offer power to a neighbour company or public grid, creating new business opportunities and exploiting the system to its fullest. In fact, MAKEEN Power has customers offering to supply system services and power to the public grid in case of a break down. In our experience, other local factories and stores demanding a 100 per cent stable power supply are interested in buying power generated from gas.

The turbine is connected to the gas tanks at the LPG plant, which makes the installation fast and easy, allowing the LPG plant to expect a fast return on investment. MAKEEN Power has a track record of customers able to produce heat, cooling and power at lower prices than the local utility can provide, which enables a return on investment of only three to five years.