Five benefits of container filling

Putting all your LPG filling equipment inside a box may look strange to some people, but containerized filling plants are a great solution in many cases where the emphasis is on affordability and efficiency. In fact, container solutions offer an array of advantages that standard filling plants do not:

Distributed filling: The mobility of a container allows you to get closer to the end users and reduce the necessary amount of cylinders in rotation. By distributing your filling, you may only need around 2 cylinders in rotation per end user.

Low cost: The cost of setting up and running a containerized filling plant is relatively small, making it an attractive option for small businesses especially.

Fast installation: Most of the equipment is delivered ready to go in the container - just attach it to a gas source and a power source.

Simplicity: A containerized filling plant requires a minimal amount of civil works.  

Flexibility: If you find that your container solution is no longer sufficient to keep up with demand, you can easily move it elsewhere while you upgrade your equipment to a higher capacity.

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The hands-off approach

Read about a containerized filling plant in Portugal that has grown over the years to set new standards for efficiency and degree of automation.
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A box of great beginnings

When you are only just starting up your LPG business, a container solution can be a great way to achieve high efficiency with low investment and risk.
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Good things come in small packages

How do you handle filling and distribution in an island group with unpredictable weather? For ENACOL in Cape Verde, the answer came in a series of tiny containers with LPG filling equipment.
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A fully equipped filling hall within a container

Flexible, safe and efficient LPG filling supplied from a road tanker or an LPG tank – a solution adapted to customer's expectations.
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