Info on MAKEEN Energy and the coronavirus (COVID-19)

At MAKEEN Energy, we are monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak closely, and we are deeply concerned about the development this far. As a global organisation, we are, of course, affected by the situation. It influences our business, employees, customers and partners – just like it does for many others. But we do what we can to keep ours and our customers' businesses running. That is why you can reach us on phone and mail as usual.

Since WHO declared the COVID-19 situation a pandemic disease on 11 March 2020, the situation has intensified. More and more countries are starting to impose a state of emergency, shut down borders, ban travels, impose curfews and implement other severe restrictions. All with the purpose of keeping contamination at a minimum and the protecting of people at a maximum.

Naturally, the health and safety of all our stakeholders is a primary concern at MAKEEN Energy, and this always comes first. Everywhere we operate, we constantly and closely monitor the situation, and we follow the guidelines on COVID-19 from the WHO, CDC and local health authorities.

At MAKEEN Energy, we take the situation very seriously and implement all necessary precautions. But we also make sure to keep our business and operations going when and where this is possible. We help our customers with service, spare parts and support like we usually do. And as a company helping to deliver energy to people all over the world – in the shape of filled gas cylinders – we feel obliged to keep things running. These days, this is even more important now than ever. Millions of people depend on gas cylinders for cooking, especially when restaurants are closing down due to coronavirus, and we will do what we can to provide what they need. 

We are truly sorry if the situation causes you any inconvenience on our behalf, but due to these exceptional circumstances, we hope that everyone will understand and respect the situation.

As the outbreak develops day by day, we continuously monitor the situation and guidelines to adjust accordingly. Among other things, this concerns our workplaces, travel activities and exhibition participations. And at all times, we want to take responsibility for both people and planet, just like our purpose states – responsible energy solutions for people and planet.