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Annual review 2019

What characterised MAKEEN Energy in 2019? In this annual review, you find facts and figures from our house of energy in 2019. It was not completely what we could have hoped for – but even rainy seasons always come to pass, and 2019 also brought along positive rays of sunshine.

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Responsible energy solutions on a sustainability journey 

As a participant in the UN Global Compact, we are committed to follow the initiative's principles - within human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption - as a part of our sustainability journey. This is our annual status report from January 2020.


Corporate profile

MAKEEN Energy is a global, market-leading corporation in the energy industry. We develop responsible energy solutions for people and planet. And in this corporate profile, we tell you more about who we are and what we do.


Plastcon – Plastic waste converted into a resource

With Plastcon, we can convert plastic waste into 3 things: oil, gas and carbon black (dust). In other words, it is a responsible solution to the global plastic waste problem.


The LPG basics

Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG, is the backbone of cooking, heating, transport and industry for millions of people. But what can you use LPG for? What are its benefits? And how come it is more environmentally friendly than other traditional fuels?


Our energy approach

We work to develop responsible energy solutions that make a difference to people and planet. By enabling our partners to embrace the energy market of tomorrow, by bridging gaps in global energy supply and by empowering our people to innovate.

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The MAKEEN Energy policies

The MAKEEN Energy policies concern quality, health/safety and environmental commitments and initiatives. They form a foundation for all our business areas and ensure a common commitment.

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MAKEEN Energy safety guidelines

When you stay on an LPG or LNG site, you play a vital part in ensuring a high level of safety. This brochure highlights the precautions you need to take and presents 8 safety guidelines as well as an overview of the clothes you need to wear.

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8 guidelines for LPG and LNG sites

This poster provides you with a quick overview of the 8 guidelines for LPG and LNG sites from the brochure 'MAKEEN Energy safety guidelines'. It is easy to print out and put up e.g. at the site entrance or your office.

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MAKEEN LPG Safety Card

Proper training and awareness is key to protecting yourself and others when you are working with combustible gases such as LPG. MAKEEN LPG Safety Card is a three-day course that equips you with the right knowledge to stay safe.

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Container Solutions

An LPG filling plant in a container is a brilliant solution for many low-capacity needs. Mobile, efficient, and affordable, a container solution can open up new options for your business.