As operational days go by, your facilities work hard to deliver the product you need. When you use your equipment, it will - just like cars and chef's knives - naturally need maintenance and service to keep up its performance. Even small issues can potentially reduce the capacity with 20 to 30 per cents, so it undoubtedly pays off to make sure that your facilities are working as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Professional service is key, and regular visits by expert technicians are a fast and safe way to maintain a high performance.

Besides helping to maintain a high performance, timely and professional service benefits your facilities in many other ways. It extends the lifetime of your equipment and increases both its capacity and uptime. Moreover, it allows you to reduce costs for energy and labour while strengthening safety at your facility at the same time.

Service agreements of any size

Our service agreements come in many sizes and packages which gives you the chance to choose a setup that fits exactly with your facilities and needs. One option could be to arrange regular service visits by our competent technicians. Another could be to leave the entire maintenance responsibility in our experienced hands. And yet another could be something in between.

No matter the type of agreement, you can always contact us if you suddenly face an urgent issue that demands immediate attention and action. We will then make sure to set up a visit to your facilities as soon as possible.

A global service network

With our growing global service network, you can find our trained staff all around the world. They know the industry and equipment inside out - including local requirements and conditions. As a result, you always get a high-quality service agreement that fits both your facilities and location. In our opinion, that is essential to a responsible service solution.

Worldwide service for the gas and power generation industry

As you can see in this video, our service agreements all share a common goal: to help your business reach its full potential. Wherever you are in the world, we specialise in creating partnerships based on trust, cooperation and high performance.

image of a map showing where and how many service visits MAKEEN Energy did in 2018