Project management

Our organisation is project-oriented all the way into our heart. Every corner and department of MAKEEN Energy is geared to carry out projects of any size, and our specialised project management team makes sure that our customers get the best possible support throughout the projects. And, importantly, that they get it within the time, quality and economy we have agreed upon. To ensure that we manage our projects at a consistently high level, our starting point is always our own project model along with PMI (Project Management Institute) training and standard.

Our project model is built on the experiences and know-how we have gathered over the years. We use it across all our locations, and our customers around the world therefore always meet the same setup and approach when they deal with MAKEEN Energy.

With our project model in hand, we can handle a project professionally all the way from the initial concept and feasibility studies to the commissioning of the final product - and all the steps in between. We can take care of everything within engineering, logistics and construction as well as obtain the relevant authorisations and meet safety considerations and regulations. After the commissioning, we can also provide operation and maintenance services. And in all cases, we adjust the scope to match each customer's situation and needs.

Managing a project generates results

To manage projects in the best way possible, our project model has been customised and fine-tuned over the years. It therefore gives us an overview of the whole project as well as all its individual parts, and it ensures that the project proceeds as planned all the way from start to finish. As a result, we are able to set up realistic deadlines and meet them - and deliver a product that matches the quality and economy of the agreement.

Besides guiding us in-house, our project model also functions as the starting point for our cooperation with others. In all projects, we work together with customers, suppliers and other partners, and the right collaboration is vital to succeeding on time.

What is the PMI standard?

PMI stands for Project Management Institute. It is an internationally acclaimed standard with more than 50 years’ history and millions of trained professionals worldwide. PMI covers a range of certifications, and at MAKEEN Energy, we train our project managers to take the PMP (Project Management Professional) and CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) certifications, depending on their level of experience. That gives us a common and clear framework across all our projects and locations.