Our activities within the power generation industry can be traced back to 1947 with the foundation of SADELMI Power, now a part of our company. Over the many years, we have delivered tailor-made solutions all over the world, and today we assist our customers with power plant projects as either a total contractor or a technology integration partner. We know from experience what needs to be taken into account when working with power plants, and that enables us to create the right solution every time through MAKEEN Power.

Our experienced team knows that power demands change, from day to day and year to year. We therefore believe that the best solutions have two things in common: they are flexible and scalable. And that is always our starting point. All you need to do is set out a framework for your power plant project, and then we can do the rest - or as much as you want us to.

Managing all or part of your power plant project

For local, privately-owned power plants, we take the role as a total contractor and manage everything within engineering, procurement and construction. For grid-connected power plants, we take the role as a technology integration partner. We then cooperate with highly acclaimed OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) and contribute with our expertise in integrating the plants with systems and surroundings.

With our power plant solutions, you can be self-sufficient with all types of energy - electricity, cooling, heating, CO2 and steam. An independence that grants you several advantages. It provides you with a secure power supply without outages, it ensures a fixed, contractual price and it can be built as environmentally friendly as you wish.

Assistance beyond the power plant construction

Besides delivering power facilities, we can assist you with choosing e.g. fuel, technology and/or location or with relocating existing facilities. Furthermore, we can also help you with spare parts, service and maintenance - all to keep your power plant fit for the future.

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