Attention to detail in engineering can be the deciding factor in whether or not a project is successful. With thousands of completed projects under our belt, MAKEEN Energy has extensive expertise in analysing and engineering highly technical solutions. Our engineers are knowledgeable and capable in everything from creating general layouts and drawings to installations, extensions, upgrades, and renovations.

image of engineering project

Our customers often hire us to not just deliver equipment but also to perform calculations, establish contracts with subcontractors, manage civil and installation works, or conduct analyses. In the end, we provide certificates and documentation for everything. Everything is carried out within agreed-upon economic terms and timeframe.

Solutions in all sizes

We are able to take on engineering projects of any scope, and we do not discriminate - no request is too small or too large. Our capabilities extend to every sector covered by our other business areas: LPG, LNG, and Power generation.

Your project in safe hands

By deciding to leave the engineering to MAKEEN Energy, you get the comfort of only having to deal with one supplier. We take care of all the complex and time-consuming work of hiring and managing subcontractors, making sure that everything is done properly and according to MAKEEN Energy's high standards of safety, quality, and durability. Your end result will be a future-oriented solution that will serve you well for many years to come, with a layout based on thorough logistical analyses. Nothing gets left to chance.