MAKEEN Energy's purpose

We have summarised the ideas behind and aims with all our activities in one statement. This is our purpose: Responsible energy solutions for people and planet

Our purpose makes sure that we always have the same foundation and go in the same direction.  Moreover, it also makes clear to you what you can expect from us.

 is our starting point

We know that we have a responsibility. As a world-leading energy group, we can lead the way forward with cleaner energy solutions that are safe and affordable to everyone everywhere. And we take pride in walking in front. Therefore, all our activities are founded on a common starting point: Our responsibility towards our surroundings.

Energy solutions are our means

We design and deliver a wide range of energy solutions. Across our various business areas, we offer everything from engineering and project management to spare parts and service agreements. As different and unique as each project is, just as innovative and tailor-made are our solutions. Expert solutions are the only means that can bring cleaner energy forward.

People and planet are our reasons

We work to make energy better for humans and their home. By improving the living conditions and environments across the globe, our solutions do more than just providing energy. As a result, every decision we make have the two most important reasons on Earth in mind. In our opinion, these reasons are our people and our planet.

image of glass globe on moss