Quality policy

A focus on high quality runs through all the activities at MAKEEN Energy - from product design and manufacturing over service and facility management to recruitment and internal training. With the principles and requirements of the ISO 9001 standard as our starting point, we work hard to not only fulfil but also exceed customers' and other stakeholders' expectations. Therefore, we need to deliver responsible energy solutions and perform at our best, every time. 

Our approach to quality

Achieving and maintaining a persistently high level of quality requires a team effort. This is why the culture at MAKEEN Energy emphasises co-operation and is marked by knowledge-sharing, participative management and continuous evaluations.

Additionally, it is important to us that all our employees have the right, chance and duty to share their opinions and ideas on both opportunities and risks. We believe that involving all members of the organisation is the best way to embed quality into all our activities.

Our global quality management system ensures that we align our quality efforts across all our locations around the world. Our Group Quality Committee manages the system itself while functional management teams handle the local implementation of initiatives and requirements. The latter are responsible for involving employees from every corner of the organisation, which ensures that we transform our efforts into operational action plans and implement them throughout the organisation.

As quality demands constant attention, work and improvement, we are always trying to enhance our efforts. Here, our surroundings function as an important starting point. Firstly, we try to understand and fulfil the needs, expectations and requirements of customers and other stakeholders. Secondly, we look at and respond to the society and opportunities around us - such as global energy trends, product and service requirements and technological breakthroughs. In other words, we take both people and planet into consideration in order to deliver responsible energy solutions of the highest quality.

For more information or questions, please contact Mr Joachim Laursen, Head of Group Quality and Process Improvement.

The MAKEEN Energy policies

These policies are common to all our entities, subsidiaries and worksite. They deal with issues that are central for responsible business: quality, health and safety, environment and data.

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