Quality policy


This policy applies to the value chain and all brands of MAKEEN Energy; it originates from the group vision, values and business strategy to encompass our product and service provision, ranging from design to facility management and based on the principles and the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 International Standard. 

Our objective

We are passionately committed to deliver tailor-made, clean and affordable energy solutions and services that meet all applicable safety standards, statutory, regulatory and customer specifications. We are dedicated to exceed customer expectations by providing quality expert energy solutions. This means that we must perform better than anyone else.

Our approach

At MAKEEN Energy, we contribute to quality achievement through customer focus, commitment and participation of each member of our organization. Each individual in our group of companies has the right, opportunity and duty to share their opinion on opportunities and risks that could have significant impact on our brands.

Our Group Quality Committee manages the global quality management system. Functional management teams of our subsidiaries and companies are empowered to effectively implement the global policy and associated requirements through delegation of responsibilities and authority. A clear definition of responsibilities and authorities ensures timely execution of planned quality assurance activities.

We strive to understand and fulfil the needs, expectations and requirements of our customers and other relevant interested parties by improving our processes and systems through knowledge-sharing, participative management and by continuous monitoring, evaluation and analysis of our business environment with the active engagement of relevant stakeholders.

We are responding to the opportunities related to the global energy trends and product and service conformity requirements as well as technological breakthrough. Based on assessments we carefully plan our quality assurance activities to counter any associated risks.

We embed quality into our solutions, services and processes by ensuring a clear definition of our processes that transforms quality requirements into operational action plans.

We take the necessary action to improve performance by involvement of competent people who are dedicated to perform beyond expectations and through leadership we initiate an extra effort to meet our objectives.

For more information or questions, please contact Mr Joachim Laursen, Head of Group Quality and Process Improvement.

The MAKEEN Energy policies

These policies are a mark of our many years of commitment. They have roots in our strategy and support our purpose which makes them key to our business and our relationship to our surroundings.

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