Health and safety policy

We strive to provide a safe and healthy work environment for everyone who is involved in MAKEEN Energy's activities. As an international company, we have employees, temporary staff, contractors and other stakeholders all over the world. Based on the principles and requirements of the ISO 45001 standard, as well as local regulations, we make a great effort to create a good work environment for everyone at our entities, subsidiaries and work sites.

Our approach to health and safety

The basis for a sound and solid work environment is the people who are part of it. It is therefore essential for us to encourage everyone at MAKEEN Energy to put health and safety first when they go to work. Simultaneously, all our employees must know that they have the right, chance and duty to speak up about work-related safety concerns. Simply, risks are neither worth ignoring nor taking.

As an organisation, we focus on promoting a safety culture based on good practices. Awareness, knowledge-sharing, participative management, personal protective equipment (PPE) and continual improvements are some of the measures we use. Moreover, we also urge our employees to plan their work so it balances both demand and available resources. Together, we hope that these initiatives will minimise the number of near misses and accidents that occur because of ignorance, passivity or work pressures.

Our global health and safety management system ensures that we align our safety efforts across all our locations around the world. Our Group Quality Committee manages the system itself while functional management teams handle the local implementation of initiatives and requirements. The latter are responsible for consulting and involving employees, and employee representatives where they exist, from every corner of the organisation in decision-making processes. This ensures that we transform our efforts into operational action plans and implement them throughout the organisation.

Despite our efforts, risks are inherently and inevitably part of our reality. We respond to this fact by being proactive and preventive. Firstly, we monitor and analyse our current methods, processes and systems to identify, mitigate and eliminate hazards. Secondly, we assess planned changes to detect potential negative effects on health and safety and take precautionary measures against them. Thus, we are dedicated to creating a persistently healthy and safe work environment, both now and in the future.

For more information or questions, please contact Mr Joachim Laursen, Head of Group Quality and Process Improvement.

The MAKEEN Energy policies

These policies are common to all our entities, subsidiaries and worksite. They deal with issues that are central for responsible business: quality, health and safety, environment and data.

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