Environmental policy


This policy applies to the operation of all entities and work sites owned or managed by MAKEEN Energy and its subsidiaries. It originates from our group vision and values and covers the environment and natural habitat that comes under the responsibility of our group of companies.

Our objective

We are committed to protect natural resources, enhance our surroundings and mitigate adverse environmental impacts by a range of means including innovation that aims towards zero emission solutions. Our minimum compliance obligations are the legal requirements imposed by the relevant countries, the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 and customers requirements.

Our approach

At MAKEEN Energy, we endeavour to protect the environment by embedding pollution prevention, waste reduction, and resource optimization strategies to our processes, operations and activities.

Our environmental protection strategies are based on the risk based proactive measures, participation of members of our organization through awareness and knowledge-sharing, and involvement of our suppliers and other stakeholders through the contractual relationships.

Our Group Quality Committee manages the global environmental management system. Functional management teams of our entities are empowered and committed to effectively implement the global policy and associated requirements through the involvement of employees and the interested parties and delegation of responsibilities and authority as required.

Our business strategy itself contributes to the environmental protection by providing sustainable and clean energy solutions to the global community. We respond to the opportunities in the global energy trends and optimise our energy solutions to mitigate the adverse impact of global energy demands. Our product life cycles are carefully controlled to minimize the harmful environmental effects due to waste and pollution.

Our activities are assessed, as required, to identify environmental aspects and to evaluate and minimize the relevant impact. We strive to continually improve our environmental performance by regular evaluation of our objectives and prompt corrective actions and improvements.

For more information or questions, please contact Mr Joachim Laursen, Head of Group Quality and Process Improvement.

The MAKEEN Energy policies

These policies are a mark of our many years of commitment. They have roots in our strategy and support our purpose which makes them key to our business and our relationship to our surroundings.

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