Data policy

At MAKEEN Energy, we process various data about our employees, customers and other stakeholders as a necessary part of our daily activities. This type of information is extremely valuable to us, and we could not run our business without it. However, we also know that it is sensitive, and we pay great attention to safeguarding all the personal data we have.

Our approach to data protection

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides everyone in our organisation with a solid foundation for ensuring a high standard when handling data. As far as it is practically possible, all MAKEEN Energy locations and employees around the world therefore strive to comply with the principles relating to processing data as described in GDPR's article 5 while also taking account of the national laws in the countries where we operate.

To keep our operations running and to meet legal obligations, we need to store certain types of personal data for various purposes and periods of time. It can, for some purposes, also be necessary to let trusted external processors, such as service providers or clouds services, handle the data. However, we are always responsible for treating the personal data we collect in compliance with this policy, whether the data is handled in-house or by external parties.

In any case, we only collect the data we need, and we only keep it as long as it is necessary. Employees, customers and other stakeholders all have some basic rights concerning their personal data. These include the right to ask for information to be corrected, the right to withdraw consent and the right to be forgotten. You can always gain access to the data we hold by writing to our Data Protection Officer, Mr Joachim Laursen. He will endeavour to respond to such requests as soon as possible and within the provisions of the GDPR.

Below, you can see why we collect data:

Employment and customer contracts

Before signing a contract with an employee or a customer, it can be necessary to collect personal data such as contact information, educational background/competences and account information. Without this information, it might not be possible to finalise or sign the contract. Legal basis: GDPR Article 6 clause 1. (b)

Direct marketing

For activities such as our newsletter, we need certain information from the recipients - mostly their contact information. Importantly, it is always possible to request an opt-out, which will be respected. Legal basis: GDPR Article 6 clause 1. (f) and Recitals 47 - 49

Indirect marketing

When it concerns indirect marketing activities, such as content for e.g. traditional and social media, involved persons need to give their consent. For some positions, these types of performances are, however, necessary and incorporated into the employment contract. Legal basis: GDPR Article 6 clause 1. (a)

Legal obligations

In some cases, we are required by law to process sensitive personal data. This includes data relating to medical information, gender, religion, race, criminal records and proceedings, sexual orientation and trade union membership. Legal basis: GDPR Article 6 clause 1. (b) and clause 2 together with European Union Law and Member State Law

For more information or questions, please contact Mr Joachim Laursen, Data Protection Officer and Head of Group Quality and Process Improvement, or Mrs Stine Christensen, Compliance Officer.

The MAKEEN Energy policies

These policies are common to all our entities, subsidiaries and worksite. They deal with issues that are central for responsible business: quality, health and safety, environment and data.

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