Our energy approach

image of a glass globe laying on moss, on the image is MAKEEN Energys purpose written: Responsible energy solutions for people and planet

Global energy supply is in a period of fundamental change. Our energy consumption clearly needs to be transformed and find more sustainable and responsible sources.

But it is far from easy to drive this necessary global transformation while there is also a growing demand for safe and efficient energy – from all four corners of the world. To rise to this challenge, everybody involved in global energy supply needs to take action and actively develop solutions that are both innovative and responsible.

As a global, market-leading corporation in the energy industry, we are determined to play an active role in the sustainable transformation of the energy market. This is why MAKEEN Energy’s objective is to develop responsible energy solutions that make a difference for people and planet.

We do this by enabling our partners to embrace the energy market of tomorrow, by bridging gaps between present and future energy supply and by empowering our people to innovate.

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Enabling our partners to embrace the energy market of tomorrow

In Nigeria, we are installing a small-scale plant that fills cylinders with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to meet the local community's growing demand for safe and efficient energy. In Kuwait, we are constructing the world’s most advanced filling plant with an unmatched capacity of 8,600 cylinders/hour. In Denmark, we are helping a shipping company to convert their ferries from diesel to liquefied natural gas/biogas (LNG/LBG).

What these three projects, and hundreds of others, have in common is that they are all helping our partners embrace the energy market of tomorrow. We take pride in having co-responsibility for our customers’ success – not only for short-term business results, but also for long-term business transformation.

At MAKEEN Energy, we want to be the preferred partner for the development of responsible solutions for the global energy market. We develop technologies that advance our industry, create solutions that boost our customers’ businesses, and give first-class service that helps partners and customers provide millions of people with safe and efficient energy.

No matter where in the world you are, you can be quite sure that we have contributed to the local energy supply in one way or another. We operate on 6 continents and in more than 140 countries. Our global reach, local presence and decades of experience ensure that we know your market and speak your language. This is one of the reasons why we are able to deliver complete solutions at a level unmatched in our industry. As we say - wherever you are, we are.

Bridging gaps in global energy supply

At MAKEEN Energy, we believe that gas can bridge gaps between present and future energy supply. Gas burns more cleanly and powerfully than other fossil fuels, which makes it the ideal bridge-builder on the journey to a renewable energy supply.

Gas can also be liquefied, compressed and filled into tanks or light-weight cylinders. This unique property allows energy to be transported safely and efficiently to the remotest regions of the world: regions where people have no access to a reliable energy supply. In fact, billions of people today still depend on harmful and ineffective fuels such as cow manure and charcoal to cook their food and warm their homes.

At MAKEEN Energy, we are actively pushing our industry in a direction that will make gas a valuable and sustainable source of energy for future generations. This is why our work continuously focuses on promoting the benefits of gas for people and societies.

But gas alone cannot secure the global energy supply of the future. This is why we focus on innovating across different business areas by introducing new technologies to lead the energy industry in a more sustainable direction. One example is our recent Plastcon technology that reduces plastic waste by converting it into a useful resource - such as marine fuel.

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image of two MAKEEN Energy emplyees looking at a technical drawing

Empowering our people to innovate

A production worker clocks in at our high-tech manufacturing centre in Sri Lanka to fasten the last screws on an LPG filling machine. A supervisor visits a high-capacity filling plant in Rio de Janeiro to service and optimise operations. A sales engineer flies from Denmark to Belgium to discuss an innovative LNG bunkering solution with a customer.

No matter where in the world MAKEEN Energy employees work, they all have one common goal – to develop responsible energy solutions. To achieve this goal, the well-being, commitment and motivation of our employees are crucial elements.

We believe that our trust-based management, flat organisation and diversity of experience and perspectives create a better work environment for our employees. And we are convinced this leads to better solutions for our customers. This is why we nurture our shared values, which are based on openness, dialogue and co-responsibility.

Although our values were shaped in Denmark, they are now deeply rooted in all of our locations around the world. MAKEEN Energy employees – whether they are production workers in Sri Lanka, supervisors in Brazil, or engineers in Denmark – are all encouraged to express their opinion, take ownership and realise their full potential.

Not only does this give us contented and committed employees, many of whom have been with us for decades - it also means we successfully integrate their experiences, insights and ideas into the creation of smarter and more sustainable solutions for the future.

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Our approach to the energy industry starts with our purpose: responsible energy solutions for people and planet. But how do we translate it into actions? By enabling our partners, by bridging gaps and by empowering people - as you just read.

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