Kosan Crisplant's Portuguese office is located in the northern coastal city of Porto. Although Kosan Crisplant Portugal has existed since 2005, they did not move into this particular office before 2014. However, it has quickly become home, with lots of natural light and a garden in the middle. One thing visitors notice is that there is a great deal of laughter and an atmosphere of familiarity in the Porto office. Many in the team have worked together since the beginning.

Primed for productivity

The team in Porto works according to the principles of Kaizen, a Japanese methodology of working that originates from Toyota. Kaizen is all about keeping processes simple and making them visual with dashboards. The subjects of meetings are limited to only what has been defined as the critical area for the department or project. A manager can walk through all the departments and get a 5-minute snapshot of how the department is doing on its projects, indicated with colour codes. If it's green, that's good - If it's red, not so good. This goes for all departments: finance, sales, even IT.

An eye for opportunity

Since the beginning, Kosan Crisplant's team in Portugal has had to look for new business opportunities. Since Portugal is a relatively small country where investments in new equipment are limited, it is necessary to look at the market and ask "what can we do more than just sell equipment?"

This proactive approach of thinking ahead, looking at what is next, is in KC Portugal's DNA. Every employee tries to add value and innovate because that is the way to sustain the company here in the long term. The team has managed to grow by always thinking several steps ahead.

Service experts

A specialty of Kosan Crisplant in Porto is Facility Management and services in general. The office started out with providing general services, and it has since developed into an even wider service level with Facility Management. In Portugal alone, Kosan Crisplant currently holds four Facility Management contracts, with a total of over 19 million gas cylinders filled every year.

Kosan Crisplant Portugal's Facility Management contracts are often located in poorer regions where the local communities are hugely dependent on the terminals they operate. Therefore, the team sponsors community events and local sports teams and, of course, give good conditions to the workers. The goal is to get involved and take responsibility for the good of the region.