India, Hyderadad skyline

Welcome to Hyderabad - a metropolitan city in the south of India with a rich cultural heritage and breath-taking historical sights. This city is one of India's major hubs for the IT and software industries, and it is also the location of Kosan Crisplant India's (KC India) main office.

An LPG powerhouse

KC India marked a milestone for Kosan Crisplant when it installed, commissioned and handed over of the largest (at the time) Flexspeed Carousel in the world (66 filling posts) in the year 2010. This is just one of many success stories which have contributed to KC India being the biggest contributor to Kosan Crisplant's global sales totals.

Apart from its masterful salespeople, KC India has a service team that is the backbone of their success in the LPG industry of India. Their customers admire the service team for their untiring efforts in keeping KC equipment's well maintained with the highest uptime and minimum loss of production. As of September 2018, KC India holds four facility management contracts in India, including some of the country's largest LPG filling plants.

On its own initiative, KC India conducts educational camps, safety camps as well as health camps for families of its filling plant employees, as well as families in villages surrounding the filling plants in which KC India holds an Operations & Maintenance Contract.

Helping each other grow

At KC India, the Kosan Crisplant values shape the work environment. Employees are given the opportunity to develop as individuals to become even better at their specific area of expertise. Employees are given the authority to take decisions on their own, which helps them to effectively carry out their responsibilities. A strong emphasis is given to training, such as in sales, safety, and communication, in order to bind people together so they feel like one coherent team.

Whenever a new person joins the office, their new colleagues do everything in their power to make them feel at home. The whole office gathers to welcome them in the best way possible: with cake.

The bond of togetherness that we at KC India share is highly appreciated by every visitor to KC India office. At lunchtime, everyone gets together to open their individual lunch boxes brought from home and share food with each other.