Brazil, Sao Paulo skyline

In 2016, something magical happened in Brazil: the offices of two former competitors, Siraga and Kosan Crisplant, merged together to conquer the market as MAKEEN Energy Brazil. Our new office is located in the heart of eastern São Paulo with a privileged location close to the main avenues, highways, airports and subways. It is a new and modern building with a nice work environment in a quiet neighbourhood.

Common ground

How do you successfully unite two teams who used to be each other's greatest competitors? It may surprise you that this has not actually been much of a problem for MAKEEN Energy Brazil. For most of us, it was a fun challenge to work together with our former competitors. Before, when strategizing about how to approach customers and opportunities, we were always trying to see how the other was doing from far away. Now, we have the opportunity to open the books from both companies and see the best of the two worlds. In some cases, we used to work in different ways, but not very different. Now, we are merging to be something unique. We still sometimes hit a few bumps, but we are always working to smooth them out.

Having a nice office was intended to give a better environment and a better condition for both companies to work. Even though we both had nice offices before, the one we share today is even better. So it was an improvement for everyone. Just by that fact, everybody is more happy and relaxed to work.

Building on a great history

The office in Brazil has many impressive achievements under its belt. For example, Brazil was the place where, in 2009, Kosan Crisplant established the very first Flexspeed plant ever for its main customer in Brazil at the time, SHV Gas. The Flexspeed was only a concept at the time, and the equipment was not fully developed, so in a way, they had to 'build the plane while flying it' by producing and developing at the same time. There was a strict deadline of doing it in 6 months, in time for the World LPG Forum, which was held in Rio de Janeiro that year. In that time, they had to install the equipment, make it run, and invite customers from all over the world to see it. When the big event arrived, SHV Gas opened their doors to invite all kinds of customers to see the new Flexspeed, and busses were coming from the exhibition to the filling plant hourly.