Meet our offices

MAKEEN Energy has offices in 20 countries, spanning many time zones, continents and cultures. Each office has its own unique character while still adhering to the standards and principles that define MAKEEN Energy. We see our diversity as one of our greatest strengths, and we created this series of office profiles to illustrate the multifaceted nature of our organisation. Step inside, and take a tour of where the magic happens.

The headquarters of MAKEEN Energy is located in Randers, Denmark. Want to get insight in what a typical workday looks like, how multi-cultural teamwork makes our dream work and much more?

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The North American hub for our LPG activities is the only location in MAKEEN Energy that owns and operates its own filling plant.

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Our Indonesian team is located just outside Jakarta. It is a small team – but they are more diverse and efficient than most.

Meet our office in Indonesia

The office of MAKEEN Energy Brazil was the first case of Siraga and Kosan Crisplant joining their offices to work under the same roof. How did this work out?

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Hyderabad is one of India's major hubs for the IT and software industries. But more importantly (at least we think so), it contains MAKEEN Energy's office in India. 

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Our office in the north of Portugal combines laughter with efficiency, and its people are masters of finding new ways to create success stories.

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The busiest city in Malaysia, the exciting and multicultural Kuala Lumpur, is home to MAKEEN Energy's primary office in Malaysia. 

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Two French LPG filling giants competed for decades for the filling throne of France. Today, both companies work together as MAKEEN Energy France.

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