Responsible energy solutions

Converting plastic waste into a resource

Annual review 2020

MAKEEN Energy’s 2020 was probably like most others’ – nothing like we expected it to be. With the coronavirus as a major headline, rethinking was required. And we can now conclude that we completed that mission. The new annual review presents stories, facts and figures from our 2020 – of course affected by COVID-19, but also by new developments, more colleagues and a growing service business.

Business areas

Our house of energy is built on 10 pillars. Each of them represents one of our business areas. You might know us for LPG, LNG or service – but they are just a part of our activities.

Case stories

Nothings speaks as loud and clear as hands-on, real-life examples. That is why we here present some of our previous projects to give you an idea of what we can help you with.