People and culture

Diverse, but united

With offices, work sites and employees spread across continents, our corporate culture represents a multitude of nationalities, ethnicities, religions and professions.

And yet for all our diversity, we are united by a culture that reflects a global outlook characterised by openness, respect and a common passion for development and learning. We have a common purpose as our starting point, strive towards the same goals and work according to the same values.

Working across borders

At MAKEEN Energy, you will meet people with drive and passion. Our employees are highly skilled and have a strong focus on processes, quality and innovation. Essential skills when you are working with responsible energy solutions.

To benefit from our employees' language skills and knowledge of local markets - as well as their different views and ideas on to how we can do even better tomorrow - we often create teams across borders and professions.

A pleasant place to be

We take pride in creating a workplace where constructive criticism, humour, dedication and welfare prevail. Most of our employees stay with us for years, and we often have the occasion to celebrate the 20th, 30th or even 40th anniversary of an employee. And we are equally happy every time it happens.

image of people holding Earth, different culture