Double your LNG bunkering capacity with the Y-piece

KC LNG's Y-piece for efficient LNG bunkering

Why spend an unnecessarily long time waiting for your bunkering process to complete? Compared to traditional truck-to-ship bunkering, our Y-piece cuts your bunkering time down to 50% or less.

How is that possible? The basic premise is simple: the Y-piece allows you to connect two tank trailers to your ship instead of one. Double the capacity, double the flow speed. Even better, if you attach a second y-piece to your rig, you can attach four trailers for an even greater efficiency boost.

Practical and flexible

The Y-piece fits any trailer design and allows you to disconnect and switch out tank trailers without stopping the bunkering process. Its compact design and light weight means that you can move it around without the need for special equipment. In fact, just two crewmembers should be able to lift it by hand.

"KC LNG's Y-piece has been a game changer for us. It has drastically increased the efficiency of our LNG bunkering process, and it was very easy to install and use. We have already performed several bunker operations and are quickly accustomed to working easily and safely with the new equipment. The professional assistance from KC LNG has only made the experience better."

NIJMAN/ZEETANK International Logistic Group 

Y-piece for efficient LNG bunkering

Download our flyer where you can see more about the advantages of bunkering with our Y-piece. 

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