Double your bunkering capacity with the Y-piece

Small-scale LNG solutions

Our Y-piece will boost your LNG bunkering efficiency

With our Y-piece for marine LNG bunkering, you can fuel your ship at double the capacity in the same timespan as standard truck-to-ship bunkering. Add another Y-piece and you have four times the capacity. That's efficiency for you. And what's more, you can even detach and switch tank trailers during the process, so you can fuel your ship with no unnecessary interruptions.

Goodbye to harmful emissions with KC LNG bunkering

Take a closer look at KC LNG's brand-new video on bunkering for LNG vessels. With a fully automatic bunkering facility from KC LNG, liquefied natural gas becomes a problem-free and completely environmentally friendly energy source. Watch how the Samsoe ferry gets fully bunkered in less than 15 minutes!

What is LNG?

Liquefied natural gas, LNG, is natural gas in its liquid form. The gas becomes liquid when it is cooled down to -162°C (-259°F). The result is greener than any other fossil fuel.

Why choose LNG?

LNG is both cleaner and more cost-efficient than oil-based fuels. It is better for the planet, people and purse and therefore a sustainable energy choice in every way.

Switching to LNG

Are you considering to switch to LNG? We can help you all the way and make the transition from your current energy source to LNG very easy and completely painless.


Producing LNG locally at small-scale facilities is a flexible and profitable solution. It requires only a little space, is easy to finance, shortens the supply chain and lowers the prices.


Strict environmental regulations force the shipping industry to rethink fuel solutions. LNG is a green and rational choice. It is fast and easy to bunker and allows for continuous operation of the vessel.

Refuelling station

Fuelling buses and trucks with LNG reduces air pollution and noise in cities dramatically. Currently, more than 16 million gas-powered vehicles are on the road and depend reliable filling stations.

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